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OOC for Live in Hell
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This is the OOC for live_in_hell

The Ten Commandments of This RPG and OOC
1. Post AT LEAST once a week.
2. Stay active in tags.
3. Be respectful of other members and Mods.
4. If you cannot post for awhile just let a Mod know.
5. Post all out of character things in the ooc community.
6. Post with decent length, well thought out posts. Paragraphs people!
7. Don't play God with another person's character.
8. If you have a problem with another person, bring it to the attention of the Mod.
9. Place any explicit content behind a lj-cut. If you don't know how to do that... you're pretty damn new to livejournal and you should learn ASAP!
10. This is a hobby folks, not life and death, so have fun damn it!

One of your friendly Mods,

This comm is co-moderated by jade422 trueslayer26 and wesley_pryce