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The Archangel

New Mod

Hey all,
I'm the new mod, and a friend of Wesmun. I play quite a few characters, but if someone has had the role of a particular character before and would like to keep that role, let me know!
Here's some info about me:
Name: Lia
Age: 19
AIM: zerothtoeternity
Years RPing experience: 4 (not very many..but still enough, maybe?)
Comms I mod: a crapload. a few that I do mod are: _once_more_ (a S7 of Buffy OMWF..or something like it)
sd_reunion (a season 5 of Buffy group)
I try to be a fair mod, and not too harsh. Sometimes it seems like I nag, and I admit, I sometimes do when it comes to posting.
If you have any problems with the group, a person in general, or with a part of the plot, feel free to contact me. I don't bite *much*
I also make icons at purple_pleasure

Now, to the Modly stuff!
Who all is here, interested in being here, and interested in restarting this place?
If you ARE interested, and you think there are some changes that need changing to the plot, then say what they are.

I'd also like to take a tally of who plays who, and if they'd still like to play them.
Once THAT is done and over with, I'd like to make a cast list, and regroup, to see who we're missing, if anyone.

On ships: They're up to you. Don't just rush off and start doing stuff that may affect the plot majorly. I'm really nervous..eeep...
'Kay. Going now! My OOC journal is the_8th_sin. This journal is just the one that's inendated with communities. XP

Okiedokie, that's it for now,
Tags: modly
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