~`Laura`~ (jade422) wrote in hellooc,

Uh Oh!

What do we have here? That's right, it's a MOD POST. Yes, it's the WEEKLY UPDATE. And as sad as it is, I think we will be needing to recast some people! I really didn't want to have to do that.

First off..

The Good Kids
silly_anya - thank you for getting posting and for taking on Sam!
stake_n_skank - post/tag
without_a_soul_ - post
agentfinn - post/tag
noangelofyours - tag
lostboy2lawyer - tag
wesley_pryce - tag

Bad Kids
trueslayer26 - understandable
wickedwillow26 - get posty with resurrection spells or something. And yes I know you were confused about WesleyMod's ideas..
_fool_for_love - it's been awhile.. what's up?
gracefullydead - come on me! get it together!

And the really bad kids who I'm going to replace! I'm sorry to do that!
_xxdawnxx_ -- without_a_soul_, did you still wanna take on Dawn?
little_misstara - Carolyn, would your friend who plays Tara be interested?

I'm sorry guys. I didn't want to replace anyone, but you have NEVER POSTED.

As for what's been going on plot-wise?
Riley showed up at AI and the Angel crew is going to be coming to Sunnydale.. though it seems that Wesley has taken to doing things on his own as he has gotten Faith out of jail (legally) and brought her to Sunnydale already. Kaethe has arrived in Sunnydale. Faith is out patrolling. Anya is watching Dawn and is apparently going to get a visit from Sam Finn.

Thanks guys. That was your weekly post. This is your friendly neighborhood co-mod, signing off.

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