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Weekly Update.

Okay.. Weekly update time. This week has been really slow and so that means it's time for...


Okay.. it's been a slow week for all of us, myself included, so I'm not going to go into who did and did not post this week. Let's just say that about THREE people were active this week. That's not good. And there are some of you that I wonder if you are actually here. Are you? You HAVE YET TO POST ANYTHING here. Those people are:


If you are one of these people.. PLEASE post something this week! If not, I may end up looking to replace you.. which I really don't want to do. So please get posting!

Okay, enough bitchiness. No one likes a bitchy mod. Including me. I hate being a bitchy mod. I don't want to replace anyone, but I want to see this place active.

You obviously haven't missed a lot plotwise if you haven't been reading.. mostly that Wesley has gotten Faith out of jail.. legally, and the AI group has headed to Sunnydale.

Now.. SCOOBIES! We need to work on bringing Buffy back, get that plotline rolling.

OC VAMPS! We need to work on causing mahem in Sunnydale! (*cough cough* that includes you too *points at self*)

WesleyMod made a post with several ideas for what people can be doing. It can be found here.

REMEMBER that if your character hasn't posted anything yet to post this week or you will be in danger of being replaced!

And one final, non-bitchy note. I'd like to welcome our Xander! Welcome to invisibletoher!

Your Less-Than-Happy Mod,
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