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Okay. You probably haven't seen my first post yet, so I'm getting to the point:
If you don't want to stay here because Wes-mun is gone, then I'm not keeping you. I won't force anyone to play. If you do want to play, however, then say you are, because within one week from today, we'll be starting from scratch.
I'm not meaning to be rude, but I'm also not wanting to be ignored, as well as trying to keep people that frankly don't want to be here.
Does that make sense? Or, if it sounds too mean, maybe I can rephrase..
Here is the current cast-list:
Cast ListCollapse )

New Mod

Hey all,
I'm the new mod, and a friend of Wesmun. I play quite a few characters, but if someone has had the role of a particular character before and would like to keep that role, let me know!
Here's some info about me:
Name: Lia
Age: 19
AIM: zerothtoeternity
E-mail: heathen_angel6615@yahoo.com
Years RPing experience: 4 (not very many..but still enough, maybe?)
Comms I mod: a crapload. a few that I do mod are: _once_more_ (a S7 of Buffy OMWF..or something like it)
sd_reunion (a season 5 of Buffy group)
I try to be a fair mod, and not too harsh. Sometimes it seems like I nag, and I admit, I sometimes do when it comes to posting.
If you have any problems with the group, a person in general, or with a part of the plot, feel free to contact me. I don't bite *much*
I also make icons at purple_pleasure

Now, to the Modly stuff!
Who all is here, interested in being here, and interested in restarting this place?
If you ARE interested, and you think there are some changes that need changing to the plot, then say what they are.

I'd also like to take a tally of who plays who, and if they'd still like to play them.
Once THAT is done and over with, I'd like to make a cast list, and regroup, to see who we're missing, if anyone.

On ships: They're up to you. Don't just rush off and start doing stuff that may affect the plot majorly.

Oookay..now I'm really nervous..eeep...
'Kay. Going now! My OOC journal is the_8th_sin. This journal is just the one that's inendated with communities. XP

Okiedokie, that's it for now,
Glowing Cube

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Hi everyone.

Carolyn and I are leaving this community. That brings down the current level of active moderators here down to zero.

On the behalf of all of the other moderators let me tell you that we appreciate your presence and efforts in writing here and we wish it had turned out better.

I want to encourage you all to continue writing your characters somehow somewhere. I make communities and am moderator at a few of them, so if you want to join another community just let me know.

I am open to someone else stepping up and becoming moderator of this community. If you so wish, please comment on this post.

Once again, take care.

It's been quite a journey.
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gay thing


My big slowness has been due to ungodly sickness. But I hope to be back-ish soon. If there's like a day where people would be more open to threading in the Anya/Sam thread let me know, and I'll see what I can do.
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Okay guys.. sorry to do this, but I'm having to drop this community. I'm leaving it in the good hands of Carolyn and WesMod, but I am having to leave for multiple reasons. One being my internet time dramatically decreasing.

I wish you all luck and I'll miss you guys.


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Okay guys, tell me the truth.

Do you like this game? Seriously? Because if not, I want to know what you'd like to see changed. I want your opinions. It just doesn't seem to be going places. Seems like no one really cares. So tell me the truth. Do you like this place?

I want to know the truth.

And if you don't like it, I'm open to suggestions. What would you like to see here?

Thanks guys.


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I was just wondering if the vamps that have come to Sunnydale or just going to continue doing their own thing or will they maybe have a meeting to maybe organize things so they don't mess up plans another vamp has made or foil something they are intending to do. Maybe divide the town up among themselves?


Okay look. I don't want to go into who has and hasn't posted. You know who you are if you haven't posted. And you know what? I don't wanna be bitchy right now. Why? Because it's my birthday! Ha! So... you should shower your loverly Mod with gifts. What kind of gifts? Awesome postyness! Do it! I want this week to be super awesome because it's my birthday! And it was just WesMod's birthday too so... Make us happy mods and do that posty thing! Do it!

Your birthday girl Mod,

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I want to make a post as Grace but I was wondering if anyone would like to tag her? I know most of the LA gang has yet to arrive and there's a big group at the house.. but possibly Spike? Or Wes? Or someone else? Let me know if you wanna tag her and I'll make a post that lends itself to that. Wanna keep you all active!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod,