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The Archangel

Okay. You probably haven't seen my first post yet, so I'm getting to the point:
If you don't want to stay here because Wes-mun is gone, then I'm not keeping you. I won't force anyone to play. If you do want to play, however, then say you are, because within one week from today, we'll be starting from scratch.
I'm not meaning to be rude, but I'm also not wanting to be ignored, as well as trying to keep people that frankly don't want to be here.
Does that make sense? Or, if it sounds too mean, maybe I can rephrase..
Here is the current cast-list:

~The Players~
Buffy (to be brought back) -- trueslayer26
Dawn -- made_by_monks
Faith -- stake_n_skank
Wesley -- wesley_pryce
Willow -- wickedwillow26
Tara -- OPEN
Anya -- silly_anya
Spike -- _fool_for_love and got_the_spark-same person
Cordelia -- _higer_power_c
Angel -- noangelofyours
Gunn -- lostboy2lawyer
Riley -- agentfinn
Buffybot -- buffy_the_bot
Fred -- quietkindocrazy
Xander -- invisibletoher
Sam Finn -- finn_sam

ambrose_delano - Vampire
gracefullydead - Vampire
without_a_soul_ - Vampire
adinacameron - spellbound human, soon to be Vampire
lil_miss_lost - Vampire
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I'd be intrested in staying..i play cordy as you see and Im also the spike, Buffy bot and Ambrose player so if you want me I'm all yours!
Could you start poking other people, because I really don't think they're paying any attention..
well if you noticed (_higher_power_c btw) on the info page that really no one still has this one their fl anymore. :-(

maybe you should put up an ad in the buffy rping ad and then saying if any of the former cast would like to return their spot will be open to them!
I hadn't gone through rifling through their journals to check for that.

I'll do that tomorrow.